Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog


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OVERALL IMPRESSION: Square, powerfully built yet agile and athletic for size, alert Should give impression of nobility

HEAD Large, flat across top, heavily muscled in males, square

MUZZLE: Medium in length, square jaws heavily muscled, slight protrusion of lower jaw permissable but

not desireable

NOSE Dark, 50% or less of light pigment acceptable

EARS Medium in size, half-perked with forward roll. Trimming not permissible.

EYES Set well apart with hollow between Any color permissible "glass" or "marble" eye acceptable

NECK Thick, medium in length

SHOULDERS Of short length and heavily muscled 23-25" high in males, 20-23" high in females Should give impression of power

CHEST Wide and deep

BACK Straight - not rigid or swayed, length equal to height of shoulders

TAIL Optimum length should reach hock Final third of tail to have gradual upward curvature Docking absolutely not permissable

FORELEGS Straight and extremely thick-boned Balanced toward toes Feet well knuckled up with thick pad (Dewclaws not removed)

REAR With musculature comparably in proportion to forequarters Hips narrower than chest

COAT Short to medium in length Fairly stiff to the touch Soft undercoat

COLOR Preferred coloring: Blue/gray to black - or - tan to dark brown

Faults: 50% or more brindle - Any solid coloring - Total black "masking" of face With "Marbling Trimmed in white

SIZE Males: 22-25" at withers 90-110 lbs.
Females: 20-23" 65-75 lbs.


Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
American Bulldog
American Staffordshire Terrier
Boston Terrier
Bull Terrier
French Bulldog
Olde English Bulldogge
Pit Bull Terrier
Renascence Bulldog
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
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