Renascence Bulldogge


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Renascence Bulldogge
The name "Renascence" (not to be confused with the word "Renaissance") means "rebirth". This name is fitting we believe because our Renascence Bulldogges are supposed to be a recreation or rebirth of the larger more physically functional athletic Bulldogge that existed from about 1820-1900.

The name Renascence Bulldogge was picked out and Trademarked by Chadde JoliCoeur to represent the style of bulldog the RBKC is seeking to promote and reproduce to protect the interests of those involved with it. This was done to prevent other people and other registries from attaching and wrongfully applying the RB name to their bulldogges and bullbreed crosses.

Chadde JoliCoeur and Jody Willingham started the RBKC when both had became frustrated at the total lack of uniformity and consistency between the modern alternative bulldogge recreations currently being produced and labeled under the "catch all" name of Olde English Bulldogge. Dogs being labeled under this catch all term can range from the original Leavitt OEB's to that of a large longer muzzled mastiff type dog to that of a bigger version of the modern EB to combinations of every thing in between.

Because of the vast physical and health differences between the dogs being labeled under this catch all term and the confusion it creates, Chadde and Jody assembled a dedicated group of breeders with established bloodlines who's breeding program's were all aimed at producing the same style of Bulldogge to be the core breeding foundation of the RB breed. This group devised a standard and a registry to help promote, maintain and improve the athletic functional bulldogges they were creating between them.


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